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These 5 new features are coming in Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger 5 new features 2019

In early May, organised its annual conference ( F8 Conference ) on Facebook. In these gatherings, Facebook discusses the future of its platform and tells its developers, entrepreneurs and other professionals about their upcoming development and facilities. This year, Facebook has announced to add many new features to its messenger service . We are telling you about those features of the Facebook messaging platform here. So let us know, Facebook Messenger App 5 new features – Facebook Messenger 5 New Features

Facebook keeps innovating new changes in its platform and messaging service. In 2019 this year, many new features are going to come in Facebook Messenger, which we will learn about here.

Let’s see what’s new on Facebook for so many days? What are the changes going to happen? How Facebook Messenger New Features Affect Us

Facebook Messenger 5 new features 2019

If you are a Facebook user and use Facebook Messenger, then it’s essential to know about Facebook Messenger New Features.

1. Messenger Desktop app

Facebook messenger desktop app is not such vital updates, but it’s worth noting. Facebook is making the desktop app for Messenger. Although you already use Facebook Stop in the stop.

But due to this Facebook Messenger Desktop app, Facebook wants to add Messenger to its users. The Facebook Messenger desktop version will be more features than Messenger.

2. Light and fast app

Facebook is redesigning to make its messaging app faster. For this, what is the label of the project “LightSpeed”?

Their goal is to create a Messenger app that opens in less than 2 seconds and requires only 30 MB to install.

To achieve this, the Facebook team has started off the ground to create a Facebook Messenger app entirely based on the new Cody. That is, the former Messenger app will not be updated, but a new message will be created.

3. Close Friends Groups

Facebook is now focusing on making this type of juice. In which only the closest friends and family members will be allowed to share the content.

So far, the feature of this feature is not announced. Yes, you can call it Close Friends Groups. Because it will only be able to share content with close friends.

4. Better group to watch videos

Facebook is also monitoring the video content for its users. There are many flaws in the Facebook Video Sister; they will be cured.

Like YouTube, Facebook will also create rules for removing useless videos from their platform. So that every user gets a better experience watching the video.

5. Messenger Lead Ads Template and Placement Booking

Both features are still in beta, but Facebook has said that they are planning to roll out them at the end of this year. That is, this feature will come by the end of this year.

Facebook Messenger is rolling out two new features for businesses, which are low.

  • Lead Generation Template
  • Appointment Booking

With this, advertisers will be able to create automated question and answer flows, through Music Messenger, when someone will also be on the option of chat on the news feed.


In our F8 conference on Facebook, we discussed many other plans, but we will take these five plans to improve the future, so we shared it with you.

Facebook is focusing not only on its users but also providing better options for advertisers. It is expected that the upcoming Facebook Messenger update will be necessary for both users and business.

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