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20+ On Page SEO Techniques for Ranking in 2019

On-Page SEO Techniques: If your blog is new and your blog post does not have good organic traffic, then you should read this post from beginning to end. In this post today, we will be working on on-page SEO techniques. 

Will discuss and learn about Optimizing the blog from SEO and how to optimise your content in Search Engine? How to Traffic Increase Your Blog?

Many blogs about it are not so good content, but they do not even get traffic from the Google Search Engine. In my 20+ SEO Optimization Tips, I told that it would be quite beneficial for you.

On-Page SEO Optimization, Why Is It Important?

Some bloggers think that by writing only good content, they will come in good rank in the search engine and you will start getting Web Traffic, but the search engine’s algorithm sets are essential to follow them.

It is like having a challenge in the search engine like Google to bring your content to the first page in High Competition, for that you have to optimise your content with SEO, in this case, SEO is required for every blogger and in this post SEO Optimization Tips .we will teach you better than 2019

On-Page SEO Techniques for Beginners 2019

1. Good Quality Content

Before you publish your content on your blog, you should do Keyword Research to make the quality of the content, and you have complete knowledge about that topic, then you will be able to explain it well and Friendly and Catchy Headings in your content. Writes that will help you in Better SEO and User Attraction, try to explain the content as much as possible, at least words in which your readers also fail Will not be.

Meaning you have a good idea about a content, you can also create a good Focus on Long-Tail Keywords, which will prove useful for On-Page SEO, the first thing to do is to choose the Best Topic on which you will write And then keep in mind what will cover in the post and write your position on the same basis.

It is essential that you start with the post of Basic Knowledge, which means that if any such reader came to your website which is not aware of this topic, then it will be beneficial for you and keep Time On-Page SEO in mind and in this way. You can write quality content for the blog.

2. Keyword Analysis

If you are new to SEO and you do not know how to do Keyword Research, then it happens to everyone who has a lot of confusion for Newbie Bloggers. In this way, we will tell you how to search and research on Keyword Find. So, first of all, you know why it is essential to do keyword research and why it is so important.

Keywords is a word when you search anything, it is your keyword, and without research you will need to find High Traffic Keyword so that you will be able to target readers, you should know which keywords You can search on your post, so many tools will be available for you free and paid, which helps in doing better keyword research.

If you have to take more traffic then you will have to rank on such keywords which have good traffic, and if you focus on Low Traffic Keywords then you will not be able to get good traffic, short keywords and Long Tail Keywords are two types here But you have to see if there is a lot of Compilation on Short Keywords, then you should focus on focusing on Long Tail Keywords.

3. Copyrighting Content

It is essential that what you are writing as much as possible, to make your content separate from the other authors, writing Duplicate Content can cause you lots of losses, there are numerous websites on the internet which are tough work to write quality content and Do research and if someone else reads his content and by changing anything or writing it as it publishes it in his blog, it does not seem to work much harder, but by doing so, The website has an adverse effect on the ranking and which is precisely against the SEO guidelines.

With the help of the DMCA, you will be able to file a report against the stolen content from your website, the DMCA’s full form is the Digital Millenium Copyright Act , which is the United States Copyright Law, from which the Website Owner may use its content like Text, Image, Video and audio can prevent copyright from being stolen.

First of all, the reader also does not like copying articles and is also harmful to SEO, so try to write Unique Content like this and if your content is 100% original and Long Length Words then SEO And always get good rank in Google SERPs.

4. Improve Website Speed

The faster you open your blog, the more you will benefit from SEO, and the Fast Loading Blog is being given a lot of importance in Google, for which webmasters are resorting to Fast Loading Themes, and AMPs.which are also benefiting from them. Keeping in mind, we reduced the load time of our website, which has helped me.

It is a good idea to add photos and videos to a blog post. Curry gets a user’s attraction and optimises content from it, and it is more important to maximise it with the images you upload to the blog. Time will be reduced, and your website will be Speed ​​Improve.


5. Fix Website Errors

If a visitor comes to your website and receives a lot of errors from him, then he will do wrong to your website and repeatedly blocking your site and disappearing completely can be a sign of danger for you.

You will be seen to go to the website and if you get to see errors of Error Establishing a Database Connection and 500 Internal Server Error, then fix them quickly.

What is Website Errors, and how to fix it?

  • Error getting .htaccess corrupted.
  • Not being compatible with one of the plugins can be an error.
  • Upon completion of PHP Memory Limit.
  • Corrupted WordPress files also come in error.
  • By not using good web hosting, you will get lots of errors.

Errors in the website harm your website readers and SEO so that you can fix it quickly as soon as possible.

6. Mobile-Friendly Website

To make your website mobile-friendly, you have to design the site in a manner that makes your website open to all mobile phones, so that the design of your website is Mobile Responsive. You will find many themes for it. Be sure to check your website with the Google Mobile-Friendly Test tool.

If we talk about why it is necessary to be a Mobile Friendly Website, then let us know for the information that Google gives importance to the Responsive Website and first indexes the mobile website, if your website is not open well on mobile and computer Then use our created “Sahu4You Genesis Child Theme” which is entirely free.

8. Check Keyword Density

Keyword Density is very important in White Hat Seo, and it is essential to control the keyword’s density, what is keyword density? You write content by focusing a keyword and repeating the keyword of that keyword in that content, generally do not go above the keyword density within 2% so that your content will not be visible to Black Hat SEO and the keyword Keyword To avoid trouble like stuffing, keep an eye on Keyword Density.

There are so many tools on the internet that you can check Keyword Density in the help of Yoast SEO Plugin; you will soon be able to tell about the new online post about Keyword Density Checking so that you also have SEO and Keyword Density Check easily

9. Catchy Titles Tags

How to make the Title Tag of SEO a Friend Friend, the more CTR can be improved, and the SEO can also be improvised well,

  • To improve On-Page SEO, Title should be Perfect.
  • Post CTR (Click Through Rate) will be improved, which is profitable.
  • People will click more on your post from Cacheable Title, Attractive Headings.

Title Tag and Headings need to use the main keyword and make it SEO Friendly, from which users will like to read your content from Search Engine, in which you use the H1 Main Post Title Heading as the post title and H2 for Subheadings , Using H3 and H4, so that your content will be scanned by the time of Google indexing, and the readers will also be able to read your article.

10. Removing Duplicate Content

If you mislead this thing, then you do not believe in the Google Search Engines Guidelines, so that Google algorithms can penalise you at any time, repeating the same content on one website and repeatedly indexing it to your website But it will have an adverse effect.

In this case, Search Engine Decrease your search rank in the search engine, if your website is similar, then you should quickly fix it and delete any duplicate content on your website.

There are a lot of tools from where you are having trouble finding Fake Duplicate Content, suggest me in the comments so that I will bring more information about it.

11. SEO Friendly URLs

Research shows that Google likes short and clear Post URL, so keep your blog post URL short and use your Target Keyword inside it.

Research says that URLs with 3-5 words rank highly in Google. Besides, Google likes Friendly URLs:

12. Regularly Update Posts

Keeping the blog updated improves the traffic and SEO of your blog, new bloggers often make mistakes that they write new posts and ignore old posts, but if you refresh the old post .They can take good traffic on them.

Google prefers blogs that publish posts regularly. If you publish two posts a week, then update old articles in the last few days so that you get good rankings in SEO.

13. Proper Interlinking

Internal Linking does all that, and internal links for Seo are very important too. But doing the right-to-internal linking is even more critical.

I have heard that 2 Internal Links would be so useful that they have the effect of External Link and the good Internal-Linking Bounce Rate works in your blog also holds Maintain.

Always interlink the post with High Pa on your Low Page page page.

14. Keyword Stuffing

Where Keyword Spamming goes only to Keyword Stuffing, to use more keywords than the extent to which it is used in your article and incorrectly ranking it in Google. It is part of all the black-hat technology which Google does not like at all.

It is important not to keep Keyword Density more than 2% and repeat the same keyword repeatedly and avoid as much stuff as possible, and pay more attention to the LSI Keywords with FocusKeyword, which you will be interested in Is going to read in

15. Fix Broken Links

Broken Links Some links are not currently Exist, which has been deleted now, on which click on 404 Not Found Error will be seen, keeping such relationships in the website is not right for SEO

If your website has Broken Links, then Google will find that your website is not being well updated and Broken Links is harmful to both your site ranking and User Experience.

Broken Links is a significant threat to Seo, not just for your visitors, Broken Links puts Negative Impact on the SEO of your website and blog.

To remove Broken Links, you can use the Broken Link Checker Plugin which allows you to find and remove all broken links on your website.

16. Use Multimedia Content

Nowadays you do not like to read any fresh content, along with you should use images and video content in articles. Now you should be wondering if the benefit of SEO in multimedia content will benefit from SEO?

This is an indirect ranking signal that does not help to rank your blog directly but spend more time on the reader website that comes to your site.

Like those idiots, you will never say that ” 1 image is equal to 1,000 words “, but images and video content will make your articles attractive.

17. Image Alt Tags

Image optimisation can take traffic from image search because photos are also searched on the internet, keywords inserted in “image title” and “alt tags” can help you get photos of your blog posts ranked in search engines like Google. Is.

  • Rename Image: Keep the name of the photo so that its URL is correct and also suitable for SEO, to which Google will index it well.
  • Alt Tags / File Name s: To properly index the image in the search engine, write alt tags in each image so that the information about the Google search engine photo will be found.
  • Add caption: Write about the image so visitors can know what this photo is about.

18. Post Long Length Content

The article which does not contain many words, Google sees them as less informative content and gives more importance to articles with more information than they do. If you are writing on a topic, then you need to know the best about it first.

If you have been writing about any article already written, then analyse it, and write it better to write and write a post of at least 1200 words so that the other keywords along with the jobs you’ve taken for the search engine Ranked in

19. Optimise Meta Descriptions

This is a small description of your post that you can show in your search engine in the stories of your posts, Meta description helps increase your blog’s clickthrough rate (CTR) and Google’s search for your posts Giving information about

If your Meta description is not pleasant and friendly then you can lose the potential reader, so please post about the job in your post details about what it is about to make readers read the click on your post.

20. Spray LSI Keywords

The full name of the LSI Keywords is the Lost Semantic Index Keywords, after the Hummingbird Update, Google Algorithms began to analyse and analyse websites that are indexed on the Internet deeply and better,

There was a time when you could easily focus on one keyword and show it on the first page of Google Search Engine, but it does not work as it will give you Google Ranking so easily.

To give a better position to content, use LSI Keyword in the post so that Google can show regards to similar keywords so that your content will get a good value.

So friends today this article ends here you teach a lot about SEO which is also 1% useful to you so that I would be happy about it, told you 20+ SEO Optimization Tips that tell you SEO better in 2019 You can use these tips to make them.

On On-Page SEO Techniques List, I have also mentioned about On-Page SEO, and Off-Page SEO so that you will be the Traffic Increase of your blog if you like this content, please tell me in the comments, thank you!

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